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Partnership with SynGAP Research

SynGap_Logo@1xAt TwoScots we strongly believe that we have a responsibility to give back to the community. We commit to “giving a wee bit back” to carefully selected charities that are dear to us. We believe this is a great way that success in our business can help enrich the lives of others.

The team at TwoScots Recruitment are proud to support SynGAP Research, a cause that is very close to our hearts. SynGAP, is a genetic disorder that can cause severe epilepsy, intellectual disability, and autism. We at TwoScots are committed in raising both money and awareness to do our ‘wee bit’ in supporting the much needed research.

SynGAP Research is raising funds for research into cures and therapies for SynGAP. The founders, Danielle and Danny Williams, are striving for a cure for their kids, as well as the SynGAP community and other genetic epilepsies.

As SynGAP is widely considered a disease gene, scientists believe that understanding the SynGAP mechanism will provide crucial insights into other genetic conditions like intellectual disability, epilepsy and autism.

The purpose of SynGAP Research is to enable and promote efficient research projects into SynGAP.
The first research project is through the Florey Institute who will use Precision Medicine techniques to focus on a cure for SynGAP via:

  • Generation of patient-derived stem cell model
  • Drug screen and ASO strategy

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