10 minutes with Kim


Here at TwoScots, nothing is more important than the team. So we want to give you an insight into what makes our fantastic – if we do say so ourselves – team members tick. The talented Kim Ruddock has recently relocated from the UK to join our Qualified Accounting division.


I come from Manchester in the North of England. Also home of Oasis.

Favourite film?

It has to be Blood Diamond. I’m a big Leo fan.

Favourite song?

Raspberry Beret by Prince never fails to get me up on the dance floor.

Favourite thing about recruitment?

I’m a people person so I love getting to meet different people every day from all walks of life!

Best thing about working at TwoScots?

When TwoScots say they are a ‘wee bit different’ they aren’t joking! I love working here, the culture is great and everyone has been so friendly. Everyone is fantastic at what they do as well so I’m learning a lot.

The things I look for in a candidate are…

The main thing I look for in a good candidate is someone who can build a good rapport. I really want to make sure that they not only have the skills to do the job but that they will, just as importantly, be a good culture fit and be able to work well with people.

Tell us something we don’t know about you?

I once missed a flight from Manchester to Gatwick and somehow ended up getting a lift from Dwight Yorke (English footballer), who had also missed the same flight. I also have a degree in Mathematics.

Favourite thing about Melbourne?

I haven’t been here long but I’m already loving the food and the coffee culture. There’s so much to choose from.

When I’m not working I’m…

Probably watching a TV series on Netflix – I’m really into Breaking Bad at the moment – or out having a drink with friends!

Dream job?

I am a complete foodie and I love to travel so it would have to be anything where I could get paid to eat and travel. Maybe a travel writer. That would be perfect!

If I were Prime Minister for one day I would…

I would be worried that the public gave me such responsibility, but I think I would ban cars from the CBD and make sure everyone rode bikes.

Best place for brunch in Melbourne?

I have noticed how popular brunch is here in Melbourne and I am taking full advantage it. My favourite so far must be Manchester Press (of course) and Hardware Société for the amazing french toast.

I like my tea/coffee…

Being an English girl, I love a good cup of tea. I take it strong with milk and no sugar.