We’ve heard it all before. Employee satisfaction is important for increasing productivity and efficiency within the workplace. But how can we achieve this elusive employee satisfaction and make the workplace more enjoyable?

Do we really need a four-day work week? Extra-long lunches? An Xbox for de-stressing?  Working from home? Some of these will make the difference but we have put together our top 5 tips for making your workplace more enjoyable.

1.  Start small

You don’t need to start with a grand gesture. More often, the smallest changes within the workplace can be the most effective. Consider hosting a weekly or monthly morning tea. This is a relatively cost efficient way to bring staff together over a cup of tea and a sweet treat.

We’d recommend that they split into teams and prepare the cakes themselves. There’s nothing better than some healthy competition followed by a morning of cake tasting.

2.  Celebrate staff birthdays – make them feel special

We’ve tried many tactics for staff birthdays at TwoScots. We used to celebrate with birthday cake and then birthday lunches, but we found that giving employees their birthday off work is the biggest winner.

If this is not an option – host a ‘themed’ birthday morning tea. These can be lots of fun!

3.  Ensure your office practices what it preaches

There is no point in having a table tennis table, TV, games console, pool table, a stocked bar, or a fully fitted kitchen if your employees feel they can’t enjoy them.

Yes, there is the right and wrong time to open a beer. But if your employees want to partake in a round of table tennis at 11am, then they should be able to enjoy that. A great idea is facilitating a competition at a time you feel is most appropriate (Friday afternoons work well!) and everyone will finish the workweek having fun together.

4.  Encourage participation even at the top level.

Participation should be encouraged across the complete business. When we decided to update the TwoScots website, we took everyone into the board room and opened a bottle of wine (to get ideas flowing) and asked everyone what they wanted to see on the website.

We did the same when moving into our new offices. This ensures everyone feels engaged and part of the exciting changes taking place. After all, everyone likes to see their ideas coming to life.

5.  Make your employees feel even more important than your Clients/Customers.

At TwoScots we ensure our team entertainment is taken as seriously as our client entertainment. We’ve found that closing the office and taking the team to the Australian Open, a day at the wineries, or the Melbourne Cup, increases team morale and ensures ongoing dedication and commitment.

If your budget doesn’t allow for this, then rewarding the complete team and not just the biggest billers during work hours is what it’s all about.  The most important thing is giving your team the value and respect they deserve to express themselves.

In years gone by, the owner or manager was the boss and employees were just thankful to have a job. The table has turned 180 degrees. Nowadays you should view your team as the boss and be thankful when they come to work with a smile, are committed to their job and stay motivated.


Do you have a great way of keeping your staff morale and workplace enjoyment levels high? Don’t be shy, head over to our Facebook page and share your tips with us.