In February 2010, TwoScots recruitment was born. However, Jason and I’s relationship goes back way further. My father and Jason’s father, who are both turning 80 next year, were friends as teenagers and that relationship has passed through to us as well as our siblings and now our kids.

Thankfully this friendship has remained while we continue to be business partners but like any good partnership we don’t always agree. I’d say that as the years have gone on, we have learnt when to push each other and when to pull back. Thankfully, we now know what we are both truly passionate about, where our strengths and weaknesses lie and how these best fit into working on the business together. Basically, we trust each other.

However, there is one issue still lurking that we have never quite managed to agree on – how corporate should we be in terms of both branding and work attire? Jason’s background has always been recruiting and leading teams in the qualified accounting market, which Jason informs me often requires a very professional approach, while my background has always been in the accounting/business support, which i believe should be approached more casually. These clients may require a slightly different approach, but does a tie or wearing a suit determine a certain level of professionalism?

Work wear wise, we have managed to find a middle ground when it comes to wearing a tie. The boys within our support divisions don’t need to wear a tie (that’s me sorted) and the boys in our qualified division can wear a tie at a client meeting if they deem it tie essential. I have never been sure what professionalism a tie lends anyway.

The great corporate debate has also spilled over to our new website and LinkedIn profiles. We want TwoScots to be a fun brand which appears to be easier to display through our accounting support and office support divisions, but this doesn’t always lend itself to communicating with our more corporate accounting audiences – or so i’m told.

So to compromise, we decided to go with both the formal pictures and the fun TwoScots blue t-shirt pictures within our new website. However, with LinkedIn we failed to agree and have had to go with the accounting support and office support team pictures wearing our TwoScots t-shirts and the qualified team picture taking the more corporate “formal” approach. I’m leaning towards taking the TwoScots brand more towards the fun and casual direction, so I hope to try and implement this in 2016 but I fear another ‘debate’ lies ahead.

With TwoScots Recruitment now across three divisions and about to head into our seventh year of operation within a new Head Office at Level 9, 500 Collins Street, I hope the biggest battle we continue to have is the great “formal” debate…