Being that much of my time is spent pounding the pavements heading to client and candidate meetings, I have time to notice a number of different food and drink businesses that burst onto the market and then, no sooner than they set up, they disappear.

I was thinking recently, what makes a fad become an established and successful idea? In 2000, Boost Juice opened its doors to a hesitant public. It was a catchy gimmick at the time, which rapidly transitioned from a fad to an empire still running today. Was its success just circumstantial and well timed or does it take more than that to hit the top and stay there.

For some businesses, their ideas waned as quickly as they started. Just a couple of years ago, the cup cake craze was in full swing and several different businesses were making their fortunes capitalising on it. You could buy dozens of different cupcakes in all different flavors and sizes but almost over night this fad disappeared and with it several companies. Even more recently frozen yogurts (with bits) could also be found everywhere but in recent months even they have been replaced with other new gimmicks. I hope that some of these will remain but I’m sure many more new novel ideas will come along and the ball will keep on rolling.

I have visited these new trendy places such as the Waffle shop but only once. The newly opened toasted sandwiches (Jaffle) cafe on Collins Street was great but I’m not sure how a menu selection as small as just toasted sandwiches will fair in the competitive market.

There are some well-known and loved institutions that I believe will stand the test of time and are here to stay like the traditional sandwich shops which have obviously been around forever and the baked potato cafes, as have salad bars, but the new “street food” style places in my opinion still need more time to transition from fad to established.

I wonder what’s coming next? What will the masses take a fancy to next and how long will it last? I would visit a milkshake shop but I cant promise how regularly. Toast with spreads could be fun but again surely this would be a very short-term gimmick.

One of the most recent gimmick’s in London is a breakfast cereal shop – – I believe they have two shops now, which look amazing, having opened in 2014. Is this just another fad or is it here to stay? I suppose only time will tell…