Our mantra is all about doing things a ‘wee’ bit different. In our Team Showcase series, we hero each individual that comprises our thriving team, honing in on their unique qualities, sharing their career journey and pinpointing what exactly drives their success. 

Today, we’re joined by the contagiously vibrant and charismatic Amy Raythorn, our Recruitment Consultant in Permanent Office Support. Joining us in early January this year, Amy is a very welcomed addition to the TwoScots set. Her excitement off the back of a very recent, brilliant client win is palpable as we dive into our chat. 

Originally coming to Amy as a one-role brief, her client had pitched specific requirements for a distinct permanent position. After curating a portfolio of some terrific candidates, the client was ardent that the position should be opened up to offer two permanent roles, making Amy’s first placements in the TwoScots office a tremendous success.

“They gave me really good feedback on candidates and explained that I’d successfully met the brief. It was great to hear and really motivating for me to inspire future wins,” says Amy. 

TwoScots’ affinity with all things sport and proclivity for a little healthy competition isn’t just reserved for outside-of-work hours. Amy recalls her client win with elation, explaining the “feel-good” moment when a bell adorning the top of the TwoScots office was rung as her permanent placement was made. She notes this quirky tradition is bolstered by other unique rituals like team drinks and ‘Friday shout-outs’ that celebrate individual achievements from the week, making our recruitment world completely unparalleled. Coming from a large-agency background in the highly-formal and serious IT world, Amy yearned for a change of scenery, culture and feel. 

“In terms of culture, size and industry, this is a whole different recruitment process. Here, the team live and breathe being a ‘wee bit different.’ My previous workplace focused on skill sets rather than individuals themselves. At TwoScots, we are also looking for that cultural fit,” she explains. 

Acclimatised to donning “pencil skirts” and “blazers” in prior workplaces, Amy was pleasantly surprised by our casual dress code. She’s currently reveling in the simplicity and ease of being able to comfortably wear “blue jeans and a t-shirt” to work, embracing the freedom to “be yourself in the office.” 

Amy notes that her day-to-day meetings and coffee catch ups have been strikingly different at TwoScots with this laissez-faire dress code. “My candidates have commented that they feel like they’re having a chat with a friend. You can see it on their face or the way they sit in the chair. The stress begins to dissipate. They’ve even said to me, ‘it’s so nice to see you in normal clothes,’” she says with a laugh. 

The humanised recruitment fundamentals at TwoScots extend beyond office attire. They trickle into the structural tendencies of Amy’s day as she takes staggering initiatives to establish herself with a new hoard of candidates and clients. Although the nitty-gritty details largely vary from day-to-day, Amy notes that the common trend defining her past few weeks is that “everything feels so personable”. She calls clients, books meetings, “gets out there and shows face”, determined to prove that she truly “cares” and has a vested interest in a client’s success. 

When prompted to think ahead to a future at TwoScots, Amy is unequivocally determined to “build a strong client base, become known throughout the industry as a great consultant and be someone who people want to work with.” 

Already displaying an exemplary degree of passion and dedication in her role, she leaves us by aptly summarising what our work is all about: “Something small can mean so much to someone and that’s what makes my work truly rewarding.” 

From commendable first wins to braving the TwoScots Survivor Camp and forging new friendships within our close-knit team, Amy has made her mark in a staggeringly short period of time. If you’re a client looking for the best available candidates on the market, or looking to chat about your next career move, you can connect with her at amy@twoscotsrecruitment.com.au or 03 8624 2517. 

Stay tuned for the next instalment of our TwoScots Team Showcase for more inspiring anecdotes and insights from the terrific individuals that make us so much more than ‘just a recruitment agency’.