Flexi-hours. What’s it all about?? I see myself as being very focused towards our team and having a great culture. I have said previously that we are a business with a very flat structure and that we are always looking for ways to engage the team in all the goings on within TwoScots Recruitment.

We thoroughly believe our culture makes our business and that all members of the team feel that we’re “in it together” in growing the brand and the business. We are more than open to listening to what the team want and making sure they feel engaged. Most recently I have been hearing a lot from them about flexi-hours. I must admit that flexi-hours have always eluded me slightly.

As a business our working hours are 8.30am to 5.30pm and on most nights at 5.31pm the office is pretty much empty. We have no issues with this. In fact, from our previous recruitment backgrounds and in comparison to many other recruitment businesses, we felt this was very fair. The team do a fantastic job so I don’t expect them to work all hours of the evening.

A healthy work-life balance is vital and I strongly feel that the better the balance the more productive you will be in your working hours rather than being chained to a desk 10-12+ hours a day.

But, I have been told, a set structure of working hours is not the way of the future. After some short discussions and some gentle “encouragement” from the team we have just implemented flexi-hours.

I’ve been told by the team…“it’s not about working less hours” and “it’s the way of the future” to “rigid and structured hours are old-school” and finally “relax old man”! Having never thought of them before, flexi-hours is a new concept for me.

It is a great cultural message to the team and it shows as a business we are genuinely promoting that all-important strong work-life balance.

A couple of nights ago, just after 5pm, tumbleweed was seen rolling through the office. I sat there, as usual, until 5.30pm, then I logged off and headed to the station. What did I achieve from 5pm – 5.30pm? Nothing major but it just didn’t feel right leaving before 5.30pm. I am open to change but I am set in my ways with some things and in regards to flexi-hours it appears I’m being dragged kicking and screaming into the future – don’t get me started on beards!

I’m trying to see flexi-hours as no big deal, we have a brilliant team who are amazingly committed to the business. Anyway, what really happens between 5pm – 5.30pm normally, apart from a chat about tonight’s activities?

It’s currently 4.49pm…and I’m feeling nervous…!

Jeremy Jeremy_colour