Last week our marketing partners reached out and asked if I could write about my journey at TwoScots, answer some questions relating to this and also talk about my career progression over the past 8 years.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m not one to talk about myself! However, with some gentle persuasion from the Boss, what I can say is, I am long way from the young girl Jeremy and Jason originally employed.

It was June 2010 and I had recently graduated from University. While studying HR I was also working in retail and dating a young Police Officer called Andrew – who for the record is now my husband. As many 23-year olds are aware, the pressure to secure my first ‘proper job’ post Uni was building and my Mum was pressuring me to start paying her back all those ‘soft loans.’

I remember meeting Jeremy and Jason for the first time in early July 2010, my late Dad was from Glasgow so I was used to the accent. I still went through three rounds of interviews and then, over a Friday wine, they offered me the role. I was delighted to accept. But if the truth be told, I hadn’t a clue what I had just accepted and, more so, what an agency Recruitment Consultant actually did.

As much as I now love both my job and working at TwoScots, when you are studying at Uni for four long years, you don’t dream of joining two old blokes in a tiny office with no windows.

But, that’s exactly where I found myself. It was August 2010 and my TwoScots Recruitment career was born. I joined as a wee graduate working closely with Jeremy on all permanent Accounting Support Recruitment (aka. Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Payroll) and over the coming years both TwoScots and my career have continued to grow.

My role has changed quite a bit over the past eight years; from Accounting Support Consultant to Senior Consultant, Division Team Leader, Accounting Support Manager to now, leading our Qualified Accounting, Accounting Support and (more recently) our Payroll division. Working closely with Jeremy and Jason, we are extremely proud of building a business that we love coming to work in every day. A couple of questions I was asked about my journey thus far!

  1. Bree, what your thoughts on building such a long and successful career with TwoScots, we want to dig deeper and know the highlights and achievements you hold in the highest regard?

“The culture we have built internally. I love our team and how much everyone is loving what they are doing. From a cultural perspective, our start to this year was the best. Taking everyone away on ‘Camp TwoScots’, while also dropping the suit and really identifying who we want to be as a brand. Very relaxed – I loved it!”

“Personally, from a professional perspective, I am loving leading our Accounting Support team, our Payroll Team and our Qualified Accounting team. The Consultants I am lucky enough to be working with in these teams are driven, committed and a lot of fun! To see their growth year on year is hugely rewarding.

  1. As someone who commenced your recruitment career post University what would you recommend to anyone looking to start a career in Recruitment?

“Brace yourself, it’s an unbelievable challenge! I love Consulting; recruitment has given me so much variety with so many great positives! I love building relationships and the variety I get from different Clients and Candidates. However, it is a job that can really test an individual’s ability to get through challenging situations. For me, Consultants that really enjoy recruitment and are very successful, are the ones that can handle when things aren’t always going so well (and there are plenty of these).”

  1. And finally, what can you see for the next 8 years at TwoScots Recruitment?

Well I will be 40, so that is scary!

“Who knows, but what I can say is I have loved every minute of the last 8 years. TwoScots Recruitment today is almost unrecognisable from the business I joined in 2010. I am very lucky; I love the teams I work with, I love the brand I work for and I am extremely proud of what we have all achieved. Finally, I love the two old blokes I work for (who now joke, report in to me). I am incredibly lucky to have landed a dream career, straight out of Uni!”