Culture is a word for way of life, and considering work makes up 1/3 of the average lifetime, it really ‘pays off’ to create a great one! Drawing on your company’s strongest attributes to shape an inspiring environment for the benefit of your employees can lead to happier work days, better job satisfaction, and ultimately, improved performance all around. Similar to playing sports, the spirit at the heart of a team is reflected in their passion to smash goals! So, in the world of business, how can you inspire your valued players to form a team of all-stars?

Create a culture. Perhaps the most obvious first step, but not often the easiest! Creating a strong culture takes a whole lot of thought, planning, dedication and time. Start with reviewing the mission, vision and values of your company, and envision the culture you want to create from that. For us here at TwoScots, #wegiveascot about team togetherness, believing in our brand and what we do, being united as one, always working to win, and a high achievement environment!

Build it. Keeping in mind that culture is the way of life for your company, the best way to build it is to find ways to translate it to the day-to-day. Your culture should be felt from 9-5 – not just at Friday Arvo Drinks! Communicate your culture through all of your actions, lead by example, and aim to create a team of cultural ambassadors.

Keep it. Not only should your culture become the new normal, it should evolve over time. Keeping it aligned with your company practices, vision, and most importantly your employees’ motivations, will solidify a culture that becomes synonymous with your company name. Give a scot; reach for a culture that’s as well known as that of Google!

Overall, culture is to a company what supportive fans are to sport; having it around makes the game more inspiring, interesting, and gives that extra push to win! Look to strengthen your company from within, to train up your team of all-stars, and improve your outcomes across the scoreboard.