It pains me to say it but…I have recently been starting to feel old.

Everywhere I turn something happens, someone says something and apparently I just don’t “get it”. I don’t feel old within myself, but people and incidents around me are constantly all starting to point towards one thing, middle age.

The team at TwoScots are predominantly mid to late 20’s and, although I only feel a few years older than them, I know I’m being viewed as being closer to their Dad than to them. I know I don’t always help myself with my “dad like” comments in regards to what they wear, buy, music they listen to, blogs they follow, Instagram, Snapchat and what they do at the weekends. These all backup my feelings that middle age is upon me.

I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that I am indeed on the wrong side of 40 and this is inevitable but in saying that, I was completely shocked when last weekend a packet of UK sweets (candies) made me feel (once again) that I’m now very much middle aged!

Recently, while on a weekend away with friends, we popped into a Candy Store and, as always, I purchased a large quantity of British sweets and chocolate. Later on, while playing games (yes I know, very middle aged Saturday night behaviour) we opened up the packet of Love Hearts. For those who don’t know or don’t remember, Love Hearts are love heart shaped sweets with little messages written on them like – ‘I love you’, ‘kiss me’, ‘marry me’, ‘let’s cuddle’ etc. You get the picture.

I remember when I was younger grabbing one blind and then turning to someone and reading it out. I decided to do this and took one, turned around to my wife and said ‘swipe right’. Swipe right?! What has happened to Love Hearts? Where was I when ‘swipe right’ became a term of endearment!

Intrigued, I googled ‘swipe right’ and came across a dating site called Tinder. Apparently if you like the look of someone you ‘swipe right’ to let them know you’re keen to engage in more dialogue. Apparently, after they also swipe right, you can chat, then maybe start texting and emailing and for all I know move onto Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter and even Snapchat!

This got me thinking about how the way we communicate with our clients has changed over the years. The recruitment industry is a very different place from when I first entered it and it’s changing every day. I remember when the only way to get in touch with a client or candidate was either a phone call or meeting for a drink. Whereas, now we have a plethora of ways to get in touch like texting, emailing, Skyping or contacting them on LinkedIn.

I often wonder what it will be in like in ten years from now. Who knows how we will communicate then. It’s a good job I have my team to keep me up to date with the latest new thing. As a happily married man, I may be behind the times in terms of dating, but I think these leaps and bounds in technology is of great benefit to our jobs as recruiters. For us to have better means of contacting clients and candidates – one of the hardest parts of the job – can only be a good thing. Even if it does make me feel old.

However, I am happy to say that forging those enduring long-term relationships with candidates and meeting them in person is vital in unveiling the softer skills and personality that cannot be gauged over the phone. So there is still a lot to be said for that good old coffee meeting or drinks after work. Something that here at TwoScots we make a lot of effort to do and I hope will continue well into the future.

Jeremy  Jeremy_colour