This year more than 2 million Australian’s will experience hunger and countless kilos of good food will be thrown away.

That’s why this year TwoScots have partnered with the fantastic charity FareShare, which takes rescued surplus food from supermarkets, farmers and other businesses, that would otherwise be binned, and turns it into tasty and nutritious meals for those who need it most – the homeless or simply those who have fallen on hard times.

To see this invaluable work first-hand, we headed down to the FareShare kitchens – Australia’s largest – in Abbotsford and gave them a hand preparing food to go out to the several vital food vans around Melbourne.

We were welcomed bright and early by the lovely Rosemary, who gave us an overview of the work the team do every day to keep the kitchens running around the clock, seven days a week. Without the committed fleet of 700 volunteers cooking, taking deliveries and driving the vans, the kitchens wouldn’t be able to hit anywhere near the 753,638 meals they have made already this year.

Next we scrubbed up, donned our gloves and were taken into the kitchens to get started. Half of the team were packing the cooked sausage rolls to be sent out that evening and half were given the job of cooking. Now we do have some avid cooks in the team and some not so avid but we all mucked in and produced what, in our opinion, were some fine sausage rolls – 1,344 of them to be precise!

Our tea break came around quickly and we were given some of the tasty sausage rolls we had been making all morning and a refreshing cup of tea after the heat of the kitchens. These rolls provide a full meal for someone in a handy roll complete with meat and vegetables.

As we said goodbye and headed back to the office, each of us felt inspired by the incredible work that Fareshare and its volunteers do every day to ensure those in need don’t go hungry.

Every $100 FareShare receives from fundraising allows it to cook and distribute 150 meals.

You can donate here – www.givenow.com.au/fareshare