We #giveascot about fostering a workplace culture with edge. Our mandatories are having fun, kicking goals through teamwork and harnessing the passions of individual TwoScots employees. In our Team Showcase series, we’re interested in digging that wee bit deeper to distil the quirks and talents that make each TwoScot trailblazer unique.

Krystle Egginton, Senior Recruitment Consultant in Accounting Support, is in the spotlight today. Her overarching role involves recruiting permanent positions in accounts payable and credit, but we’re interested in going beneath the surface to see how both Krystle and TwoScots have simultaneously evolved together over recent years.

Having been at TwoScots for 2 years in June 2018, Krystle recounts her welcome into the team as Recruitment Consultant as a memorable one. “I had 7 years of prior experience in recruitment but wasn’t sure if I still wanted to be in the industry,” she says.

“TwoScots was my last ditch at recruitment. Prior, I was in a role working solo, so wasn’t able to bounce off anyone. This works for some, but I discovered is not the environment in which I thrive. The encouragement you get from the team at TwoScots and from management is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before in the workplace.”

It’s true what they say: first impressions count. When asked to relive walking through the TwoScots office for the oft-daunting ‘First Day’ on the job, Krystle recalls that “everyone was friendly, encouraging, loud and vibrant. Everyone seemed like friends.”

In her first few months at TwoScots, Krystle’s confidence grew through small, personal triumphs with the support and cheerleading of those around her.

“Placing that first candidate in my second month in the job, gave me that confidence boost. At my old agency, I only made 2 placements in 10 months. I can put this down to the environment, management, teamwork and trust [at TwoScots]. Bree, Jeremy and Jason encourage the team to always just ‘give it a go’, so that’s what I did. I had a glimmer of light that perhaps recruitment was actually the thing for me,” she says.

Goal-setting and go-getting were the catalysts of Krystle’s success in 2018, having ranked #2 Permanent Consultant for Sales and having secured the most amount of permanent placements across the board. When asked what exactly she attributes her recent successes to, Krystle notes the impetus of “getting on a personal level with clients.”

“You have to truly partner with them and act as a consultant. It’s not a transaction, it’s a relationship that we continue to build. I’m not afraid to push. If a candidate doesn’t tick every box, but I know that their other skills will outweigh this gap, I push back and insist that the client interviews the candidate. I’ve really found passion and I love what I do.”

On moving forward and tackling new goals in 2019, Krystle is vying for that #1 Permanent Consultant for Sales ranking and working towards the end-game of one day managing her own team.

We can’t wait to see what the new year has in store for Krystle and the team. Watch this space for more conversations with the legends that comprise our TwoScots family, as well as the experiences and victories that make each individual different!