We #giveascot about the individuals that evolve simultaneously with us at TwoScots, and the remarkable feats of personal and professional progress they garner along the way. Today, our Divisional Lead in Accounting Support, Ben Harding, talks to us on his four years of experience at TwoScots with candour, from the changes he’s observed along the way to the tremendous opportunities that lie ahead.  

Moving to Melbourne in November 2014 from Manchester with his wife, Ben was eager to explore his next career challenge. With a background in Finance and a tenacious attitude to branch out and explore new industries and opportunities, Ben landed himself in Recruitment. After interviewing at several agencies and finally meeting with our team, it swiftly became apparent that TwoScots was the perfect fit. In our infancy, TwoScots had only eight people in the office, proving to be a significant cultural change for Ben as he transitioned from a large banking firm to a boutique agency dynamic. In fact, they were unequivocally worlds apart.

Like all new beginnings, it takes time to find your feet and navigate unfamiliar terrain, especially when taking such a large career leap, but Ben was excited. He recalls a momentous turning point in being offered his first senior title, with this recognition representing a great deal “in terms of both confidence and feeling highly valued within the business.” Over the course of Ben’s career trajectory, a lot has changed, but our “wee bit different” culture has stayed constant. “As a company gets bigger, culture is naturally challenged as new personalities come on board, but TwoScots are very particular with who they employ, focusing on the individual to ensure a cultural fit each time,” he says. While tangible surroundings, dress codes and structural orientation has remained malleable, it’s this culture that has prevailed. 

On some of his greatest personal achievements over the years, Ben places emphasis on fostering long-lasting and meaningful relationships within the TwoScots team and his clients. “It’s all about teamwork, and is a really nice environment to work in,” he says. While undergoing a flurry of changes and managing a fast-paced routine, Ben admits that “you don’t have time to speak to every member of the company,” highlighting how vital it is for our team to throw themselves into out-of-hours activities. After this year’s TwoScots Survivor Camp, Ben was able to interact with people taken outside of their comfort zone, learning more about his team members and allowing a mutual respect to filter into the office after returning home. Ben explains that just as internal connections have ensured he knows his colleagues on a more personal level, taking time to nurture client communications is equally as paramount.

“I’m very proud of the relationships with clients I have built over the years, to a point where I can just chat with them like I would with a friend. It’s great when you get to a certain trust level, where [my clients] have complete confidence in me being able to deliver. I like to ask them to meet with candidates who, on paper, don’t exactly match the role, but they know I wouldn’t send them unless they were more than capable of picking up the duties quickly and becoming a valued member of their team.”

Looking to the future, Ben will be at the helm of opening our new South-Eastern office. With the launch impending, Ben is eagerly awaiting this bold new move, commencing April 1. On the back of a significant demand from clients to expand into a South-Eastern space and so much growth there within Accounting Support, Ben deems this step forward as a natural progression for TwoScots. With a base of clients already located here, this organic evolution will see Ben still maintaining close liaison with the other divisions based in the CBD. 

“I’m going to give it everything I can to make it succeed. I was well aware of the trust required for Jeremy, Jason and Bree to have asked me [to do this]. Being offered the role is not only a very exciting opportunity, but to me it meant the business has complete trust in my ability and what I have achieved so far in my recruitment career,” he says. 

We’re extremely confident that Ben will excel and continue to succeed in this incredible new chapter. As such an integral member of TwoScots, we cannot wait to watch him grow even further in his career. If you’re a client looking for the best available candidates on the market, or looking to chat about your next career move, you can connect with Ben at Ben@twoscotsrecruitmentcom.au or 03 8624 2511.