Firstly, it’s 2018 and we unfortunately still have to have a women’s day to push for equal rights and equal pay. Secondly, what about pushing for equal pay and gender equality the other 364 days of the year? What’s it going to take for this to change? Does having a specific women’s day encourage, change or increase a feeling of us vs them?

I was reading recently about how in Iceland they now make companies actually prove they are not paying women less than men for the same roles and if they fail to comply then these companies receive large fines. For the past nine years, Iceland has topped the World Economic Forum’s gender equality index – Australia is dismally ranked way down at Number 35.

I also read that Australia’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency, which covers more than 12,000 employers and 4 million employees all across Australia, last year announced that despite women making up half of the nation’s workforce, they still earn substantially less than men at almost every level.

Since the year 1900 we have had women’s day on the 8th March. I have no doubt a specific day to raise awareness is very worthwhile but how can we more importantly ensure that equal rights and equal pay are no longer needed? How can we push to live in a world where gender equality is just a given?

Over the past year the murky cesspit of Hollywood has reared its ugly head and I’m sure this is only the tip of the iceberg of decades of sleaze and harassment. Why is it that we live in a world that still allows this behaviour? What morals are we teaching our kids that allows this behaviour to both still happen and be tolerated?

I have a 4.5-year-old daughter who is in 4-year-old Kinder. She lives in a world of equal rights. The girls and boys play the same games and learn the same lessons. At what point is our system breaking down? At what point do the rules and lessons change? At what point does the gender equality change?

For me women pushing for change on women’s day will not ignite the change required. We need both men and women to actually make changes 365 days a year. More importantly we need to educate boys and girls from a young age that there is complete gender equality and we need to educate the morals and respect that men should show women and that women should show men.

Let’s not forget that International Women’s Day is not just about equal pay but it’s also about respect, hope, dignity, collaboration and appreciation.

I am delighted today on International Women’s Day to appreciate and honour all the amazing woman we have at TwoScots Recruitment but more importantly we are a business of complete gender equality who ensure strong morale and respect for everyone.