It’s a topic we hear discussed: should businesses use recruitment companies and what do businesses gain from the process that they couldn’t achieve themselves?

With vast experience across the recruitment industry, the team at TwoScots will tell you that the advantages of hiring a recruitment company far outweigh the idea of trying to acquire talent alone.

Use time effectively

Recruiting new team members is a long and tiring process. You have to write and post the job advertisement; filter through very high volumes of applications; communicate with all candidates; complete reference checks; schedule interviews; negotiate salary and then manage all applicants throughout the process. It’s safe to say you will spend many valuable weeks slaving away behind your desk with no guarantee at the end of it in even securing a quality outcome.

A recruitment company takes the hassles of recruitment away and gives you more time (and energy) to commit to other pressing tasks. Furthermore, the current economy sees large volumes of applications streaming in for even the most niche jobs. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to hand ball the recruitment process over to the experts and only pay on the final success? How much is your time worth?

Gain access to the best candidates

Along with doing the hard yards, recruitment companies often have access to the best candidates within their chosen field. They may have connections to industry leaders or they may have an ideal candidate currently on their books. With all the hard work and constant candidate care TwoScots consultants are constantly focusing on in some instances we’ll fill your position with the perfect candidate within an hour or two.

The equation is simple. In order to find the best person for the job you need to have access to the best pool of applicants – both current job seekers and passive job seekers. Recruitment companies can do this for you.

Utilise industry experience

Industry experience is the lifesaver of recruiting. Here at TwoScots, we know our combined experience recruiting within the scope of Accounting Support staff, Office Support staff and Qualified Accountant positions is beneficial to our success as your recruitment partner.

We use our knowledge of the support staff and accounting industries – along with taking the time to get to know your business, team, culture, and environment – to ensure our clients grow and develop their teams to their greatest potential.

Find comfort in a proven track record

Recruitment companies offer their clients peace of mind with a proven track record of recruitment approaches and successful placement of candidates.

TwoScots follow a detailed recruitment process, which ensures both client and candidate needs are best represented and that a smooth transition follows. A proven track record is a guarantee for success.

Recruitment companies make life – and recruitment – easy. Whose hands do you want to leave the recruitment process in now?