Giving back to charity is something that we pride ourselves on. Since the business opened, we have given 2.5% of all invoices paid on time, back to two of our closely affiliated charities. At the moment we partner with two charities, the Starlight foundation and Breast Cancer foundation and all employees are granted 2 extra annual leave days to complete charity work each year.

Most recently we have taken part in various charitable events such as Melbourne City Missions sleep out at the MCG to help end youth homelessness. Jeremy, Ben and Sanjay made their way to the ‘G’ on a Melbourne winter evening with their cardboard boxes and multiple layers in tow and thanks to their efforts; over $1000 was raised for the charity which is an amazing outcome. The guys found the experience really humbling; it really opened their eyes to how we should count our lucky stars that we are fortunate enough to have a roof over our heads each night. They battled through the cold from 8pm until 6am and bedded down on the concrete but felt warmed by the huge turnout on the night and how spirited everyone was with the fact they were taking part in something that could make a difference to so many people.

Our seasoned athletes Shona and Jason also recently completed a 15.5km run for the kids, to help raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital. We are so proud of them completing the run in great times with Jason in 1 hour 15 minutes and Shona in 1 hour 16 minutes, and Shona finishing in the top 90% for the female runners!

We are also regular blood donors, with Emma arranging a blood drive every 3 months with Australian Red Cross and taking Bree along for the donation. On average around, 470mls of blood is taken from each of the girls with Emma now having her own personal best of giving this amount in 6 minutes! The rest of the team is responsible for fanning the girls down when they are done and ensuring they are fed and watered throughout the rest of the day to keep their energy up!

We like to get out and do these things to raise money for different charities as much as possible, unfortunately not all of us are quite up to scratch when it comes to athletic abilities but as you can see, money can be raised in a number of different ways! From officially taking part in these events, to donating money and raising awareness we can all make a difference along the way.

At the moment, we are looking to partner with more local charities and are very open to taking any suggestions you may have for us.

Holly x Holly_colour