Happy 5th Birthday TwoScots!!

March 13th 2015 marked our 5th birthday and it was time to celebrate! The business was launched by our two directors within a spare bedroom in a small flat in East St Kilda, where the guys spent their days watching the world go by whilst building up their network. We have now grown into an 11 strong team within 3 divisions and 2 offices, and by all accounts our next Head Office move (due at the end of the year) will be both innovative and impressive. I was reading a piece in the Australian Business Insider recently and stumbled upon this statistic, “Only 50% of businesses survive five years – though most (70%) hit the two-year mark”. With this being said, 5 years is a huge landmark for any business, especially a small business and we have certainly come a long way!

The day was full of surprises with none of the consultants having any idea what was in store for the day, we were instructed to dress in ‘casual/comfortable’ wear (which the girls found difficult!) and head to the front of the building for 12pm, it was all very exciting. We stepped onto the street to find an amazing limousine waiting to take us for a spin; the driver took us for a drive for over an hour before dropping us off at St Kilda Botanical Gardens. Here, we were greeted by Jeremy and Jason with a huge TwoScots marquee, food and drink, and park games! We had a fantastic day, the sun was out and we played team building games for the rest of the afternoon including egg & spoon races, relay races and a good old fashioned game of rounder’s!

We have a great culture here and it was so nice to celebrate how far the business has come in the past 5 years, we do genuinely enjoy one another’s company and these team building days really play a huge part in bringing everyone closer together.

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