Is it just me or is the homeless situation in Melbourne getting worse? I’m sure I see more and more homeless men and woman lying on pavements all over the City and Southbank. Regularly i will stop and buy a sandwich and a drink for a homeless person and when i have a chance i try and ask them why they are not able to access a homeless shelter, they normally say the same thing, “my name is on the list but they are all full” –  Isn’t this sad.

Australia is a tremendous country, i like to see it as the land of hope and opportunity. The Economist says Melbourne is the Number 1 liveable City in the world for the second year running and we Melburnians (both born and adopted) are proud of what our City has to offer both within careers and opportunity as well as culture, food, coffee, sports and lifestyle.
If all these reports are true then how come the homeless problems seems to be increasing? How come the homeless shelters are at capacity? While we walk to work sipping a $4 latte and checking our diary on our new iPhone 6 we walk past people who don’t even have a roof over their heads. What can be done to help this situation?
Last year we sent a team to sleep at the G to raise money for youth homelessness in Victoria, on arrival we were given a cardboard box to sleep on and a bowl of soup for dinner. We positioned ourselves outside with the cold winter night air in our faces and had what can be only described as a humbling nights sleep.
This year, Jason and I have decided to represent TwoScots Recruitment and sleep overnight at the G as we think its both important for TwoScots to support this excellent cause and for us to spend a night trying to relate to those far less fortunate than ourselves.