The Office Christmas Party: your perfect opportunity to make the year just passed… or to
potentially break the year ahead. With an abundant supply of food, drinks and festivities, it’s easy
to get caught up and feel lulled into a false sense of wine-fuelled security. But if you just give a scot
and keep your wits about you, you can work your way through it!

Work the room. It’s a great time to bond with your fellow co-workers, mingle with those from other
departments and celebrate your results for 2017. That’s not to say that you should spend the whole
night talking about work, or you could’ve just strung up some tinsel and had yet another meeting!
This party is your chance to personify yourself, and discuss what you do when breaking free from
the daily grind. Get to know people beyond the 9 to 5!

Work your outfit. There’s a reason a Google search will yield thousands of crash guides on how
to dress for work functions. Despite a less regimented dress code, there’s still an unspoken one.
Sure, show off your personal style a level beyond the pencil skirts and button up collared shirts, but
as a rule of thumb: dress for class, not crass. You do not want to be repeating Meredith’s Casual
Friday outfit from The Office.

Work the dance floor. Tastefully. You’ve had some great conversations and vibes with your coworkers,
you’re feeling the music now, so it’s time to let your hair down a little. No one likes the
person sitting in the corner of the room on their phone, refusing a dance! So join in on the fun, but
do keep in mind it’s probably best to avoid uttering ‘any chance of a dance with the
boss?’ (Love Actually).

Work your timing. Being fashionably late is not a thing at work, nor should it be at the party. Make
sure you arrive on time to show your interest in being fully immersed in your work culture, and for
the right reasons… AKA don’t be the last to leave, stumbling out barefoot, heels in hand.

Bottom line… work your common sense. Don’t attack all the food platters, and don’t spend your
night at the bar doing shots; a little bit of liquid courage is socially expected. But dancing on your
desk later on, is not! Don’t lose sight of still being in a professional environment. You’ll still have to
face these people at 9AM Monday morning. Simply give a scot and you’ll have a great time!