I’ve been thinking lately about how to provide you with a deeper insight into the minds of our Directors. Jeremy & Jason are the backbone of TwoScots and I would love for them to share their own worldly views on recruitment and their journey so far! I asked Jeremy what advice he would give to his younger self, and here is what he said…

“Holly asked me recently, ‘If I were 22 years younger what advice would I give my younger self?’

It’s an interesting question as I’m not the sort of guy who has many regrets. I look back at all I’ve done over the past 22+ years, places I’ve travelled, jobs I’ve performed, people I’ve met and wouldn’t change a great deal. Yes I’ve made mistakes and many of them; I left school at 17 with no qualifications and no interest in attending University. I’ve left many jobs, knocked back some great opportunities and have not taken advice from many highly educated and influential people, but I don’t regret any of these mistakes. They took me on a fantastic life journey and I like to think I have learnt from the ‘University of Life’ and continue to do so.

Over the years I’ve been a barman, glass collector in a nightclub and a waiter in multiple restaurants. A clothes salesman, landscape gardener, market trader, gift and card shop manager, door to door salesman, call centre operator, glasses salesman, fruit picker and kid’s camp counselor. An archaeologist and tour guide, sandwich maker and sandwich bar manager, barista (unfortunately not barrister as I’m sure my mother would have preferred!), and self-employed chocolate box provider for offices, coffee shop manager, furniture salesman and then latterly furniture sales team manager. Recruitment Consultant, Recruitment Manager and since early 2010, Recruitment business owner and I’m sure I’ve missed a good few out.

Within all these jobs I made mistakes and learnt plenty and I know I’m still continuing to learn and grow (and make mistakes) as a person while my business does the same. What I would say to my younger self is always be open to change both within yourself and others, take full responsibility for all your own life decisions and actions and make sure you act ethically and are, most importantly, always an honest and hardworking guy with a smile on his face….everything else will eventually fall into place.”

Holly x Holly_colour