Hello, new year! To kick off 2019 in true TwoScots fashion, we’re buckling up for another brilliant Team Showcase. Here, we deliver you industry insights from the stellar team members in our ‘wee bit different’ workplace. Put simply, we #giveascot about the idiosyncrasies that make each individual at TwoScots Recruitment different.

Today’s TwoScot Legend Of Interest is the incredible Harmony Douglas, our Senior Consultant in Office Support – Temporary. Harmony’s 2.5 years with the TwoScots family came off the bat of her previous, unrelated role in Insurance Sales. After having joined TwoScots in a hybrid position, recruiting for both temporary and permanent roles, she was promoted to Senior Consultant in July last year.

Our Office Support division is wildly broad, so Harmony was not only finding her footing in a new industry and learning the ropes of her own role, but also getting orientated with the plethora of roles that Office Support encompasses at TwoScots. Can you tell we like to challenge our budding team superstars?

When quizzed on her typical nine-to-five, Harmony takes us through the motions. “It begins by reviewing candidates that have applied for roles overnight and putting them forward for roles. Then, account management. This involves checking in with clients and ensuring that we’re on top of all of their needs. Next up, it’s time for business development in the afternoon, as well as interviewing candidates,” she says.

The elusive ‘key to success’ in Temporary Recruitment is becoming far more attainable for Harmony as she continues to fortify relationships within and through the TwoScots team. When asked what makes her ‘tick’, she admits to having a knack for thriving under pressure, and a love for “the challenge of finding the perfect candidate in a fast-paced environment”. Testament to healthy competition, she even advocates for embracing the challenge of “being up against other agencies”.

“Make sure you always have a strong candidate pool. Act with speed. When a client briefs a role, you must shortlist in a couple of hours. I can be a bit hot-headed, and this role and the TwoScots team has taught me how to better deal with situations,” she says.

We couldn’t help but pick Harmony’s brain on the must-have qualities she searches for when recruiting for an EA position for a client. Her expert checklist is as follows: “diary management, effective email correspondence, the ability to prepare board papers, industry experience, a high level of both written and verbal communication skills and most importantly, someone who will complement the manager”.

Harmony’s hottest tip is to “always learn about the manager the role reports into” to find the ultimate fit for the role.

On the flip-side, if you’re in the applicant’s seat for an Administration role, Harmony has a hoard of stellar ways to impress in the interview room. She champions “presentation, research of the company’s context and history, perfecting the art of giving detailed but succinct answers and showing some flair with your personality”.

How we respond in the face of adversity in the workplace shapes our individual team members and the TwoScots crew as a whole. When asked what challenges she has faced and how she has overcome them, Harmony highlights the stresses that can become synonymous with placing candidates.

“At times there may be a short candidate market, and although you find the perfect fit for the role and secure commitment, the candidate pulls out at the last minute. We overcome this by working as a tight-knit group at TwoScots, sharing candidates and keeping each other looped in,” she says.

Lastly, we wanted Harmony to take a look into her career ‘crystal ball’ to decipher where she sees herself, her division and the business overall in the next 2-3 years.

“The past 2.5 years at TwoScots has been nothing short of amazing. The changes we are driving and the momentum we have is really exciting. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead.”

“I do expect we’ll be recruiting for jobs that haven’t even been created yet! I predict that there will be a strong movement to EAs getting more involved at a Business Level, truly partnering with their manager and company, with less focus on simply diary management,” she says.

Stay tuned for more chats with the incredible individuals that comprise our TwoScots tribe, and the stories, insights and invaluable advice that make each team member unique!