For the past 12+ years my career has been in recruitment. I have had many more female managers and work colleagues than male ones and currently TwoScots Recruitment is a 75% female workforce.

In the past 2.5 years, I have not only become a Dad but I have also become a Dad to a fantastic little girl Florence. She is fun, outgoing and full of energy – to me she’s the best. I drop her off at crèche every morning at 7.55am and saying goodbye to her has now become my sadness as she runs in excited to play with her friends.

The highlight of my day takes place later that afternoon when I walk through these gates again at 5.15pm and she excitedly sees me from across the playground and runs into my arms. Basically, she’s my girl. I can’t imagine a future where her opportunities should be any less than they might be for the wee boys in her class? Will she be paid any less while performing the same job as the boys? Will she need to have a woman’s workforce day when my son (who is 11 weeks young) won’t need a man’s day?

Becoming a Dad has changed my world. I grew up with two brothers and attended all boys’ schools. My world was predominantly male and I never really viewed things in any other way. This has all changed since Florence came along. Do we really still need to have a woman’s day? Does the world we live in still need this?

As I look at my daughter, I really hope that when she is entering the workforce the need for a woman’s day will be completely unnecessary and she will be purely viewed for her talent and not her gender.