Our Team Showcase series was born from the desire to learn more about what makes each member of the TwoScots family tick. What are the unique quirks, passions and hallmarks that distinguish individuals in our team? 

Today, we chat with Jessica Zabel, our Senior Recruitment Consultant in our newly established Payroll division. She’s refreshed, buzzing and boasts a new stamp on her passport, having just returned from an exotic Brazil stint for her Christmas break. (And we are very, very jealous). 

In ardent pursuit of adventure, Jess has a track-record of work-related travel and joined us after undertaking her university education and first work opportunities in London. Moving to Melbourne in 2014, she was contracted to work in Account Support roles, but started to feel as if her work had become repetitive and monotonous. That’s when Jess was welcomed at TwoScots with open arms in November, 2016. 

Having segued from Account Support work to a strictly Payroll-focused position, she feels as if she has found her “niche”. Jess explains that if she “focuses on one area, there’s better chance of [her] finding better candidates in that market.” 

One of the pivotal feel-good stories for Jess during her time at TwoScots was placing a young woman named Deduni, who had moved to Australia from India with no prior experience in the Australian industry. Although the client briefed Jess on their preference for an expert in the Australian field, she felt as if this candidate had the skills, personality and dedication to succeed. And that she did, with the client later employing her in a permanent position. 

Running us through her nine-to-five, the passion in Jess’s voice is palpable. She’s less interested in being digitally-obsessed and more attuned to coordinating coffee catch-ups, lunches, booking meetings and phone calls to personalise and humanise ongoing relationships with her clients.

“I just try to be more proactive. When you nurture a relationship with a client they value your opinion. I also treat candidates exactly the same as I treat my clients – with mutual respect.” 

The buzzword, ‘networking’, attracts a lot of discussion in the recruitment industry, and Jess approaches it with the simple imperative of “you’ve got to just be yourself”. 

TwoScots’ recent substitute of the suits for smart-casual wear in the office has played a major role in facilitating the highly-humanised and earnest approach Jess applies to her relationship building within her network. 

“You can wear clothes that you feel comfortable in, and you come across more relaxed and genuine as a result. We want to be less intimidating and less structured to get the best out of our candidates”. 

The loosening of a dress-code strengthened the ‘wee bit different’ work culture that prevails at TwoScots, with day-to-day familiarity, support and positive office vibes motivating Jess to get the most out of her role. 

“Support from management and the team has been a massive highlight from my time at TwoScots. They’re real, authentic people who understand if you might not be having a great day. If you don’t have a supportive team, it’s hard to come into work every day, so I’m extremely grateful for the support they provide”. 

When recruiting a Payroll position for a client, Jess says the qualities she looks for are “honesty and commitment.” She wants to know that the individual can be “mobile, adaptable and skilled enough to move from temporary roles with confidence”. The all-important interview process is a time in which this sense of self-confidence is paramount. “You’ve got to be ready to sell yourself and let your personality shine through,” Jess says. 

From her innately personalised approach to recruitment, to the passion she has for forging new relationships and friendships with her clients and candidates, Jess is a true asset to our passionate team. Make sure you watch this space for more upcoming, intimate conversations with the heroes that make TwoScots a workplace with a difference.