In our Team Showcase series, we shine a light on the team members embracing our ‘wee bit different’ ethos. Essentially, we #giveascot about championing the quirks that make each individual at TwoScots a unique asset to our team. 

Today, we’re joined by the ebullient Kim Ruddock, our stellar Senior Consultant in the Qualified Accounting division. Kim has always been restless to “get out of [her] comfort zone,” setting challenge after challenge to continuously further herself both professionally and personally. Having completed what was both an incredibly challenging and rewarding Masters in Business Analytics, Kim found herself to be “over-qualified” when seeking UK-based finance roles, pointing her in the direction of recruitment. 

After six months in Professional Services Recruitment, she boldly decided to pack her bags and pursue her love of travel. When Kim arrived in Melbourne, she decided to embark on finding a new nine-to-five. She recalls that after applying to TwoScots and meeting with our directors Jeremy and Jason, “the rest was history.” 

“They made me feel so welcome…exactly what I needed at the age of twenty-three. They’ve really looked after me and made sure I’ve settled in here,” says Kim. 

Having initially started recruiting temporary and permanent contract roles for a range of industries, Kim has since “found [her] feet and voice,” growing into a senior space. As our longest-standing team member in the Qualified Accounting division, Kim has seen the team increase tenfold in size and accomplishments, Kim has found her voice and even strives to foster and mentor new employees simultaneously. 

 Renowned for going “100 miles an hour”, Kim confesses that she loves “being busy” and “constantly being on [her] toes.” When there’s an opportunity to show unbridled initiative, and take on a heavy workload, she’s always up for the challenge. 

“Last year, when I was first breaking into the more senior space, there was a time where the executive team were away overseas. We got a Financial Controller role on with a brand new, booming client. It was a great company and a fantastic brand. There was a lot of pressure…that I was mostly putting on myself. I was driving out to the South-East from the North to see candidates, [and] pretty much running it by myself. When I filled that position, I thought ‘yes, I can do this. I’m placing the decision-makers now’. It was really fulfilling,” says Kim.  

Every one of our TwoScots trailblazers has a unique orientation when it comes to finding the perfect client or candidate. Kim’s perspective is all about looking beyond the “technical capabilities” and “reading between the lines” to determine if a client and candidate will mesh well in terms of workplace culture. “The more I get to speak to them, the more I can figure out what they need in a candidate, she explains. 

Finding a “cultural fit” all starts with an exemplary interview, and she’s looking for; strong technical skills, a good attitude, eagerness to learn, immaculate presentation and flaunting interpersonal skills. She reminds us, with a laugh, that “at the end of the day, we like to hire people who are nice.” 

After reflecting on her triumphs so far and deciphering what industries make her ‘tick’, Kim is now setting her sights on the future.

“I’ve seen people [at TwoScots] use their confidence which has brought out my confidence. In two years’ time, I’d love to train and mentor more people. We have a solid brand, so now it’s time to grow on that identity and dominate the Qualified Accounting market,” she says.

With unrivalled drive, ambition and infectious positivity, Kim is an integral member of our TwoScots family. Recounting her journey has revealed just how far she’s come, and we’re humbled to watch her passion for recruitment and life shine through.

If you’d like Kim to assist you, a friend or colleague in making that next career move, get in touch at Alternatively, you can give her a buzz on 03 8624 2506.