As we usher in 2019, we’re shining a light on team members in our thriving, infectious and ‘wee bit different’ workplace. Essentially, we #giveascot about the idiosyncrasies that make each individual team member at TwoScots unique.

Today, we’re strapping the lovely Leona McAleer in the hot seat to learn about the work culture that has facilitated her role as a now Senior Consultant for Payroll in our Accounting Support division. We’re quizzing Leona on all things biz past, present and (of course) future to decipher what makes TwoScots the community that it is today.

When rewinding back the clock to the very beginning of Leona’s TwoScots journey, it’s unbelievable to think she had no prior experience in the recruitment industry.

“I started off as Recruitment Consultant, and it was certainly a new challenge which I was excited to dive right into”, says Leona. After 3 months, I ran a solo division for over a year looking after all Office Support positions, and then transitioned into permanent Accounting Support. Third year, I moved in to a specialist Payroll position, where my love for Payroll blossomed. I was promoted to Senior Consultant and I’m still absolutely loving it!”

The TwoScots team has made incredible progress since our company’s inception. While we could list the many structural and cultural changes that the team has undergone, it’s (so) much more insightful to hear the inside scoop first-hand from one of our gun crew members.

“When I started in the tiny Queen St office, I think there were only 8-10 people in the office! Now, we’re up to 25 (soon to be 27) people on Collins St. The culture has always been amazing! I can honestly say I have loved coming to work every single day and it’s because of the people I work with. Even on days in which I was supposed to be working from home, I have come into work because I missed the craic,” says Leona.

And, let us not forget the monumental ‘costume change’ we issued earlier this year. We ditched the suits and went smart-casual with our office garbs in a bid to encourage personal expression and reduce the ‘stiff’ feeling of corporate clothing. Donning the outfits that make you feel good can definitely have an impact on your whole outlook for the working day.

“This, to me, was a game changer. When I first started, all the boys were in suits. Dressing more casually and integrating a more relaxed working environment is a conversation starter for our candidates and clients. We’re having such great feedback.”

When asked to pinpoint defining moments of growth over recent years, Leona attributes our greatest leaps and bounds as a business to an increasing “conversational, personable and relatable” approach to what we do.

“If there is a situational problem we always band together as a team. We think this is really important to have that support network, especially with younger consultants, there is always that senior person who can assist, give advice or support. We think this is pretty unique, and it has honestly been like that from the beginning.”

And where would any of us be without a support network to rely on? Whether it’s a morning coffee run or a ‘table flip’ worthy moment of frustration at the desk, Leona attributes her development to the company culture cultivated by her mentors.

“Being away from home (Ireland) for over 6 years now, and having Jeremy & Jason with a Scottish background means they totally understand what it’s like and are forever supportive of me. From helping me develop as a consultant and mentoring from Bree, I now call Melbourne and TwoScots home! Being in such a close, supportive environment allows us all to grow as consultants.”

Looking ahead to the future, Leona sees burgeoning expansion and new opportunities for work-life balance.

“I’m predicting expansion to the South East, the opening of new offices with additional teams across all divisions and perhaps even a creche on site for when we have children haha!”

We hope to have distilled Leona’s incredible work ethic and TwoScots’ ongoing, positive vibes into this Team Showcase. Stay tuned for more chats with the legends that comprise our brilliant family, and the stories that make each experience and individual unique!