It’s 2017; it’s time to face the fax and change your office around! For most employees, work has
become something more than just a 9-5 grind in an enclosed, uninspiring, listless grey office
cubicle. Often overlooked in the past, layout and company culture has now become increasingly
important to employee productivity, happiness and retention.

New furniture, a fresh coat of paint, or simply some greenery, can take your space from bland to
stand out. Light-filled, well-planned, beautiful offices, can serve to be inspiring and conducive to
employee creativity. An efficient environment is key, and creating a productive atmosphere can be
the difference between employees focusing on the clock or on the task at hand. Combined with a
strong company culture, you can create a workplace that simply… works.

But where to start? Draw some inspiration from these Aussie offices that definitely hit the nail on
the head with their renovations;

FLIGHT CENTRE, QLD. Should you take the elevator or the stairs? How about the slide?!
Whizzing past the rest of us, Flight Centre decked out their new HQ with a sky bar, rooftop
restaurant, outdoor BBQ space, massage room and more. You’d be hard pressed finding a reason
to ever leave the office.

INTERACTIVE, VIC. You’d expect nothing less from a booming IT company than a state of the art
theatre and games room! And for when they need to draw their eyes away from the screens, the
outdoor terrace is a pretty nice alternative.

SWISSE, VIC. The age-old dilemma of going to the gym before or after work is solved. Reflecting
their focus on health, Swisse’s fully equipped gym holds group PT sessions, yoga classes and
meditation sessions to boost employee wellbeing.

BUSINESS CHICKS, NSW. A haven for beautiful, colourful office design, the Business Chicks
office also boasts a chill-out space, complete with bed and massage appointments. Motivational
quotes feature along the walls for some quick wins!

We’re not saying that you NEED a multi-level slide to inspire your employees. An office that
captures your company’s unique flavour will strengthen your culture, and in turn, strengthen the
morale of your employees. We’re currently on board to redesign our own office space next year
too, because frankly #wegiveascot!