Upon moving to Melbourne from the UK, I spent a year on a working holiday visa before transferring onto a spousal visa. Being a ‘traveller’ in a new and unknown country, I felt like a very small person in a huge city of successful people! Every trip I made into the city with resumes in hand, felt like a waste of time, there were so many agencies out there to register with and I found it completely overwhelming! I so desperately wanted to work, and to gain some purpose as opposed to feeling like a holiday maker in a foreign country. I set my sights on calling business’ direct, registering with agencies and trawling Seek to find that I wasn’t getting a lot of traction in the first week or two and it was a pretty scary time!

I had never had any experience with recruitment agencies in the past and I was soon to discover that some have completely different business models, values and attitudes to others. I started to resent going into the city as after registering, interviewing and walking out on a high – I would never hear from them again. I found this very deflating and also a huge waste of time, to spend 30 minutes with a consultant and never receive a follow up call did sting a little!

I did however, register with a couple of agencies who always called me back and I cannot stress enough the difference that this made to the little person in the big city of successful people! To know that someone was honest in their approach and who was rooting for you to gain employment was such a great feeling. I dealt with one consultant in particular who knew exactly what I was looking for in employment and who called to debrief me on roles before choosing to send me forward, three weeks and 100 resumes later, I found my first job in Australia and it was all thanks to this amazing consultant.

As a consultant, I model myself on my own experiences. I have had enough positive and negative experiences with recruitment agencies to ensure that I will always be the best consultant I can be with my candidates! I like to think that I can use my exposure of being recruited to assist me in being a better recruiter, from ensuring that I always call you back, to actually listening to you when you explain what it is you want! This one consultant who made it her priority to help me out, was probably looking after 20 more people like me, but made feel like the only one (aww), I chose to be inspired by my positive encounter with her and do everything I can on a daily basis to utilise the experience.

Holly xHolly_colour