As a business we pride ourselves on being a ‘wee’ bit different but are often asked why we are different? What makes us stand out from other agencies? And what gives us the right to own the tagline that we so strongly believe in! We’ve had a little think about the answers to those questions, and want to explain why we think we stand out!

Our goal is to partner with our clients and candidates for many years to come and we plan to do so by firstly building strong relationships within the office between colleagues. We do this by most importantly creating a supportive environment; we really are all in it together and strive to constantly encourage each other, ensuring we have a cohesive team whilst still taking ownership of our own individual desks. We have been successful in sustaining this inclusive culture thus far and do firmly believe that this approach will no doubt extend out to our clients and candidates. If our aim is to continue to build strong relationships with our clients and candidates then we are best placed to follow this from right within our own office.

We ensure that our open and honest approach stands when dealing with our candidates, day in day out. We will never send you to a role that we don’t think you are right for, and we will always call you before we mention you to a client. Our inclusive and supportive team culture will also include you as a candidate; more than one consultant will meet you to help you gage a good feel for our team and our business, and to put you in the best place to find your next role.

We have been very successful in building and sustaining long term partnerships with our clients so far and wish to continue this long into the future. As a team, we pride ourselves on not focusing on the quick win. If we can’t help you out with a role then we will let you know and will do this by not sending resumes for the sake of it, we are true to our process and believe in quality not quantity. Through our partnership with clients we take a vested interest in your business and culture, we want to know all about your team… the ins and outs, the good the bad and the ugly! This will help us to do our job so much better, it’s easy to sell something you believe in and will lead to us to finding you the right person.

Hopefully this has helped explain our new and improved tag line a little better and has managed to answer the how’s and why’s! We do truly believe that we are different, and as a team and through our relationships we will continue to prove why.

Holly xHolly_colour