At TwoScots Recruitment, we appreciate the beauty of social media as much as anybody else. Away from all the cat videos, engagement announcements, and baby shower pictures, it appears recruiting via social media is becoming increasingly popular.

According to some statistics, around 41.5% of HR managers use social media channels as an outlet for recruiting candidates. When you consider how many people use sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, this makes sense. With that statistic in mind, we’re here to investigate whether social media is the next big thing in the world of recruitment in Australia.

In Australia, we’re a digital nation

In Australia, we’re a pretty sociable bunch. As it turns out, we’re just as active via social media channels as we are in real life.

Around 60% of Australians are active users on Facebook, with 50% logging in at least once per day. Other interesting statistics include:

  • 9-million active users on Instagram
  • 4.5-million active users on LinkedIn
  • 4.7-million active users on Twitter

As you can see, social media could act as a portal to millions of prospective candidates. With sites such as LinkedIn, recruitment is an obvious activity. But although sites such as Facebook and Twitter aren’t geared towards recruitment, you can use their advertising tools to attract the type of candidates you want. Facebook is particularly useful for targeting users down to the smallest of interests. So, if you want to use this recruitment trend to find someone based on their love of Game of Thrones, you probably can.

Social media is ideal for making a good impression

If you spend time at Melbourne recruitment fairs, you’ll already know how difficult it is to retain the interest of promising candidates. One way to achieve this is by giving them an easy portal for asking questions. What portal could be easier than social media?

Using features such as Facebook Live or Twitter hashtag-based Q&A sessions, you can answer candidates’ questions as they flood in. Doing this allows you to develop your brand awareness in a way that your prospective candidates want. For every candidate who asks you a question, there’s a chance someone else out there wanted to ask it too. If these tactics inspire more people to apply for your jobs versus the ones that your competitors advertise, you’ll have a broader pool of people to choose from.

You can use social media to develop brand awareness

Many of us may approach pristine influencers with caution, but that doesn’t mean that social media isn’t influential overall. Around 52% of online purchases are inspired by Facebook. That suggests that social media has the power to sway big decisions, using the power of brand awareness.

Although not everyone has the option of being choosy when it comes to their job, the best candidates do. As many millennials prefer to work for companies that appear to share their ethics and values, you can integrate your social media campaigns with recruitment campaigns to appeal to the right people. And unlike retail outlets, you can be as obvious as you like about doing this. Campaigns that feature “Why work for us?” sections may be shared with friends, which means you’ll have more people to choose from during the earlier phases of your recruitment.

Finally, it’s worth noting that social media recruitment is cost-effective. Although Facebook is powerful in terms of ad campaigns, it isn’t as expensive as PPC. You also retain a lot of control over the process, and you may avoid many of the astronomical fees that come with advertising in your favourite trade magazine.

If you feel as though social media is the next big thing in recruitment trends, come to us. At TwoScots Recruitment, we’re ready to help you take a forward-thinking approach to hiring your next employee. Call 03 8624 2500 to discuss your recruitment goals with us.