In amongst the search for presents this Christmas, is the search for a much-needed cure. With the time of giving being just around the corner, we want to shine a little light on a cause that is close to our hearts. Because frankly, we give a scot about giving back to the community, and enriching the lives of those less fortunate.

What is SynGAP1? A very rare neurological condition affecting just 250 people worldwide, SynGAP1 sadly holds a heavy impact on quality of life. Evident from early childhood, it can cause issues such as severe epilepsy, intellectual disability, schizophrenia, speech delay and autism. Considering the challenging and taxing nature of battling these ongoing problems, SynGAP1 is felt in the day-to-day lives of sufferers, as well as their families, friends and carers. There is no question about the necessity of finding a cure.

Please allow me to introduce you to Danny and Danielle Williams. Danny and Danielle have two of the RAREST LITTLE GIRLS ON THE PLANET, Jaeli and Dali are the only siblings in the world to suffer from one of the rarest genetic disorders ever seen – SynGAP1.

Because of the rare nature of this disorder, raising awareness is the first step in working towards a cure. Being considered a disease gene, scientists believe that a deeper understanding of the SynGAP1 mechanism will also pave way for insights into related genetic conditions such as intellectual disability, epilepsy and autism.

So how can I help? This Christmas, do things a wee bit different. Consider giving to a worthy cause and help us to spread the word about SynGAP1 and please help Danny and Danielle Williams to one day do what you take for granted every day, talking to their daughters.

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Many thanks for your generosity,
Team TwoScots – #wegiveascot