Here at TwoScots we do a lot of team building, both in the traditional and non – traditional sense! When I think of team building I think of your run of the mill trust building, communication or icebreaking exercises such as falling into the arms of your colleague blindfolded or telling the person to your right a secret. These methods are all pretty traditional and I’m sure they’re effective the majority of the time, but we like to do things a wee bit different!

Generally, business’ place a strong focus on allotting a day a quarter or a day a month for offsite organised events for such activities, working at TwoScots has taught me that these team building exercises can be done in so many different ways. It can quite commonly and frequently take place throughout your working day, right under your nose without anyone even doing anything drastically different.

For us as recruitment consultants, building strong relationships with each other is so important and this can stem from us celebrating each other’s wins, being empathetic to each person’s needs when we can and just doing the simple things like helping out a colleague if they are snowed under and putting in some extra effort to listen to them properly! Aside from the little things that we will try and do to make a difference throughout the day, team building for us here at TwoScots can come in the form of Monday morning meetings. This is where we sit down for half an hour to share our past and future weeks with one another, what we achieved, what we didn’t and just generally have a good catch up! The meeting gets us talking about other divisions and helps us gain a better understanding of what they do. This once weekly exercise definitely helps us build up our internal relationships and again, in the non-traditional and less formal sense.

With this being said, we are certainly not shy of a good team building day either! We have had so many fantastic days out along the way, with the Tennis Open, Spring Carnival Racing and most recently a winery tour in Mornington. These days out help us all bond on a little more personal level and away from what can be sometimes a stressful and hectic environment, away from our desks and without any deadlines!

For us as recruitment consultants, our main motivation for these team building days is to build on our internal team relationships with the hope that we will leave the day feeling re energised and a little closer to one another. Stronger relationships and a genuine respect for your colleagues and managers will result in an increase in productivity within the workplace and will drive motivation amongst the team.

Holly xHolly_colour