Congratulations! High five! You’ve scored yourself an interview for your dream job!

Whilst it may not be for that astronaut position you’ve been eyeing off since the days of play lunch and time outs, it’s a huge step towards your goal.

So what comes next?

Don’t think you can just wing it

Many people assume the hard yards are over once an interview has been secured. These are also the people most likely to bomb out in the first round.

Don’t ever think you can just wing it during the interview process. You’ve made it to this point by looking impressive on paper. The interview is when you need to back up these claims with a great first impression.

Do your homework

You can never be over prepared for an interview. Start by learning as much as you can about the company you are interviewing for. You can do this by checking out their website and reading about their projects and company history. Also consider checking out recent news articles that mention the company, this will assist in impressing the interviewer with your in-depth knowledge.

You should also spend time researching yourself. No, you don’t need to conduct a Google search or gather news articles about yourself. Instead, focus on knowing your work, training and education history like the back of your hand. You should be able to talk confidently about your achievements without stumbling over details like dates and location and of course bringing in your own resume to read from is a big no no!

The more preparation you put into the interview the more confidence you’ll bring to the table. Watch out interview panel we say.

Practice makes perfect

What do all great spokespersons have in common? They rehearse!

You’ve done your homework on the company you’re interviewing for and feel you could answer any question thrown your way. It’s now time to solidify these answers by practicing out loud. You can choose to practice in front of a mirror, or ask a friend to act as the interviewer.

It’s important to verbalise the answers you have considered to potential questions. This not only helps you remember them more clearly, but it allows you the chance to refine your words before the interview.

Find a positive headspace

The key to a successful interview is arriving in a positive headspace. Take time to perfect your appearance, ensure you are appropriately groomed and dress in confidence boosting attire. If you have a lucky suit, now’s the time to break it out. Remember, some butterflies in the stomach are okay so tell yourself those flutters are excitement

Also try and use positive affirmations and body language to brighten your mood and approach the day without scepticism. Any form of cynicism will be your own worst enemy.

Keep these thoughts at bay by plastering a smile across your face before, during and after the interview.

You know you can do this job better than the other candidates. You scored an interview, you’re prepared for anything, so get to it and show them what you’ve got.