LinkedIn is a tool that we use here at TwoScots and, depending upon division, each consultant has a different purpose for using the site. As a business we use LinkedIn more for branding purposes and for company news and announcements, as a large number of our clients have a strong LinkedIn presence.

Our consultants on the qualified side occasionally use the tool for headhunting purposes as we find candidates at their level tend to use LinkedIn a little more frequently and they will almost always have very active profiles. Accounting and office support candidates, on the other hand, are a little different as I find they use LinkedIn less frequently. Support candidates will have a profile, but they can be often out of date and can go unused, and support consultants can struggle to find traction when sourcing for a role via LinkedIn.

Being an accounting support consultant myself, I use LinkedIn for research purposes and up-to-date real time news and announcements as opposed to using it for talent sourcing. We mostly rely on our database, referrals and most importantly candidate care to succeed in filling vacant positions. It has been argued lately that the site is starting to become a little bit like Facebook and, with personal statuses and pictures floating about on your newsfeed, it can be quite tediously peppered with irrelevant posts! This will entirely depend on who you choose to invite into your network and also how you personally choose to use LinkedIn. The deeper you immerse yourself into the world of LinkedIn within a business perspective, the more you will get out of it.

I recently read a great piece posted by LinkedIn Talent Solutions, which is a page I follow regularly and would highly recommend. As recruiters there are always things we can learn; we never stop developing ourselves and finding new and inventive ideas to help us along the way. This post in particular was titled, ‘The Modern Recruiter: Part Artist, Part Scientist’. The idea behind the article is to split us (recruiters) into two halves and provide an insight into how we can rely on both heart and brain to place the right candidate with the correct client!

As recruiters we are trusted to choose the candidate who will be a great technical fit for the role but, with this being said, culture fit is just as important. We have to ensure that we are technically savvy across multiple roles throughout our divisions. In any one day I can be an accounts payable/receivable officer, payroll officer or an assistant accountant! Both client and candidate have to trust that I know the technicalities of each role which means that I better know exactly what I’m talking about. As I mentioned earlier, of course the technical side to the role is of high importance but equally important is culture fit (this is where the heart comes in!) so I will ensure I get to know my candidates on a personal level and chat with them a little more casually towards the end of the interview.

‘The Modern Recruiter’ can be a lot of things. Whether this modern and innovative approach stems from using social media as a tool to source your candidates, going with your heart when making decisions or focusing on a technical fit, most of the time we all want the same results! I like to think the consultants here at TwoScots are made up of part heart-part brain with a little bit of traditional sourcing and the help of a great up–to–date database all rolled into one.

Holly xHolly_colour