In a dream world everyone would be a perfect employee. The work day would be a breeze, recruitment would be a piece of cake, and productivity would be through the roof.

Now, doesn’t that sound wonderful? Or is it a tad unrealistic?

The perfect employee may not exist, but there are a number of skills and characteristics that recruiters search for when scouting talent.

The tough question is: how do you match up?

  1. Adaptability 

    It can be easy to get stuck in a familiar rut within the workplace. However, work environments change, teams change, clients change and most importantly employees need to be able to change and grow along with the business.

  1. Trustworthy 

    All successful businesses have one thing in common, their employees hold high levels of honesty and integrity, and can be trusted to do what is best for both the client and stakeholders at all times.

  1. Competence 

    Perfect employees know how to complete their job. They have mastered the art of setting priorities to ensure they always complete their work. Furthermore, they understand the need to keep learning at all times. The best way to enhance your employability is to be good at what you do – it’s that simple!

  1. Collaborative 

    Team players bring an important skill to any business. They maintain a healthy attitude towards debate and problem solving that allows for collaboration between co-workers. Let’s face it, almost all work environments require a level of collaboration and team players enhance this environment.

  1. Decisive 

    Decision making skills are high on any recruiters list. Businesses don’t want to have to hold the hand of their new employee as they make every small decision. Great employees are able to analyse situations and apply logic to make clear decisions of situations that present themselves.

  1. Resilient 

    Resilient people hold a glass half full approach to the world. They understand that failure is an important part of success and don’t view every setback as unbeatable. Instead, they are able to fall down, get back up, dust themselves off, and keep going.

  1. Communicative 

    Solid communication skills are priceless for all employees. Whether your role requires internal or external communication – the ability to communicate clearly and efficiently is always held in high esteem. Add to this a direct email manner and you’re golden.

  1. Enthusiastic 

    What inspires other people within the workplace? Dreary people who complain all the time? Of course not. It’s the people who radiate positivity and enthusiasm for their work and the larger business that shine brightest. Most people are attracted to happy, positive people and it’s no exception for the perfect employee skill set.

Now that you’ve read through – how did you match up? Are you about to set the recruitment industry abuzz? Can it really be true – have we found the perfect employee? Don’t let us dream too long.