As i’m sure you may have heard Leicester City won the English Premier League. For those who dont follow Soccer they were 5000-1 to achieve this incredible feat at the start of the season back in August 2015. 5000-1 basically means a no chance! For 5000-1 you could also have bet that Elvis is still alive and that the Loch Ness Monster also exists.
How can this happen? Well many people will say its been a season when the bigger teams didn’t  perform . Yes this is true but that still doesn’t explain how a team that is made up of many “journeymen” players can beat the soccer elite. Manchester United have spent more money in the past 18 months than Leicester have spent in their 132 year history. This incredible feat has taken place over 36 games and cant come down to a lucky run of results.
Back in August Leicester appointed a 64 year old Italian Manager called Claudio Ranieri. He has managed 17 teams in the past 25 years and has never won a major league title or top European trophy. He has been sacked from almost every job he’s had and in has last position as the Manager of Greece he was shown the door after only 4 games. He’s now become a legend.
I just cant stop asking myself how has this happened. Surely this is the biggest upset in the history of world sport.
The only answer i can come up with is hard work, team work and belief. When you watch Leicester play they are completely united, they defend and attack as one. As a team they have also completed 250 more tackles than any other team in the league. They have won more games 1-0 and have also had the least amount of injuries.
Lets be honest, if you take everything into account Leicester will probably not finish in the top 10 next season. Will another team win the league against all the odds, i highly doubt it will ever happen again in my lifetime. Their player of the year cost them only $250K, their manager was tipped to be sacked before Christmas, they were one of the favorites to finish bottom of the league and there was more chance of having lunch with an alive Elvis Presley….all in all, its just a once in a life team achievement – it’s basically just the perfect storm.