How time flies. Eight years ago, almost to the day, Jason and I opened TwoScots Recruitment. I remember the day well. I was living in East St Kilda in a wee flat on Westbury Street and I converted the spare bedroom into a makeshift office.

Jason arrived just after 8.30am, we were both suited up and ready to do this! We had no clients to call and no candidates to register. We had no jobs on and no-one to target. All we had was 2x Dell laptops, 2x $79 desks from Officeworks, 2x empty whiteboards, a printer and 2x BlackBerry phones – because apparently, BlackBerry’s were for business and iPhones were for pleasure.

Jason and I go back not just decades, but also generations. Our fathers were friends during their teenage years and are now both almost 81. Jason and I were obviously friends long before we were business partners, so opening TwoScots Recruitment together was both very exciting but also a huge step into the unknown together.

Thankfully, we hit the ground running and within a matter of weeks we had filled our first role. Jason was specialising in all Qualified Accounting roles and I was specialising in all Accounting Support.

After only 3 months we left the spare bedroom and moved into a very small serviced office in Southbank that consisted only of 2 desks and no windows – this office affectionally became known as ‘the cupboard’.

Then a couple of weeks later we were in the position to bring in our first employee. After multiple interviews we met a lovely girl called Bree from Mount Eliza, a HR grad working in retail. She seemed smart, switched on and enthusiastic and to be honest, most importantly she wasn’t fazed about joining the two old blokes (her words) in ‘the cupboard’!

In the beginning, it’s all about believing in what you want to build and not compromising or diluting who you want to be. On multiple occasions we were offered the opportunity to recruit roles outside of Accounting and Finance and every time we knocked these roles back, despite it meaning knocking back billings.

We now have 4 Divisions specialising is all Qualified Accounting, Executive Accounting, Accounting Support and Office Support recruitment and we thankfully, no longer use BlackBerrys.

Jason and I believe looking after your people and focusing on culture, is how to build a team, which in turn will build a business. We have spent a lot of time the past 8 years discussing and focusing on “what culture actually means and looks like?” Our goal’s always been to create a working environment where people feel challenged and motivated, will strive to excel, feel supported, want to win and most importantly just love to work in.

With the amazing buzz in our office, along with the team work, the passion and fun, we’re certainly well on our way to creating what we’ve always wanted.

So, we’re now 8 years old. This means we’ve managed to get through the sleepless nights and the terrible two’s. We’ve gone through Creche and Kinder and we’re currently in Primary school. We are a confident 8-year-old who has many friends and looks after and enjoys spending time with his own family.  We are mature for our age but still full of fun and excitement. We don’t know exactly who we want to be when we grow-up but what we do know is that much adventure and growth lies ahead.

Many thanks to all our Clients and Candidates who have worked with us, partnered with us and supported us for the past 8 years.

To our amazing team at TwoScots Recruitment, you are the best and without all of you, Jason and I would currently just be two old Scots in a spare bedroom in East St Kilda.