Advice from a Recruiter: How to job hunt in the current market

Advice from a Recruiter: How to job hunt in the current market

The job market is completely saturated with opportunities at the moment which may seem like a professional’s dream but it can also make a career search overwhelming. So how do you make sure you’re choosing the right position, business and work practices to suit your life and avoid the dreaded buyer’s remorse?

Well, a little bit of prep and market understanding here goes a long way – not to mention an advocate who can speak for you throughout the process. Here’s our top four recommendations for any job seeker at the moment.

Update your LinkedIn profile

Recruiters in the current market are more like headhunters. They’re out combing the market for the best talent rather than waiting for them to apply for jobs.

By changing a few details to your LinkedIn profile you’ll not only be visible to employers and recruiters but also ready for that inevitable search if you do apply for your dream job. Your online presence will definitely be checked if you’re in an application process so it’s important to make sure your message is consistent and clear.

If you want some more info on quick, effective changes you can make to your LinkedIn profile then click here.


Do research on salary banding

Salaries have changed wildly over the last few years and what you are currently being paid could be very different to your market worth.

Websites like and Glassdoor offer real insights based on actual salaries in your target businesses, location and industry as well as looking at pay levels at different levels of experience or qualifications. Going into negotiations with information can make a real difference and even before that point, can inform the kinds of jobs you should be applying for.

Statistics suggest that women are far less likely to apply for jobs they don’t tick every requirement box for than men and so understanding your market worth can give you the confidence to go for that promotion.

Go in with clear flexibility preferences

Obviously flexible working and other new kinds of perks are a hot conversation in every job search and interview process and many businesses have set structures such as hybrid working with set days in the office.

To get the best out of these benefits, state your preferences at the start of the process of job hunt so that nobody is unpleasantly surprised later down the line. Setting your stall early also informs your negotiation alongside pay or benefits if it comes to that point.

However, you should remember that this kind of working practice is another form of negotiation and you may have to be open to different structures if businesses have strict policies.


Create relationships with a trusted recruiter

Of course we’re going to advocate for recruiters, but why should you? Well because it’s a dedicated professional who knows your market, the leading organisations and professionals

in it, your market worth, how to position yourself and will advocate and negotiate on your behalf. 

Not to mention interview prep, continuous advice and the ability to understand what’s happening at every stage of a job process instead of those daunting silent periods.

To find the recruiter you trust, look at reviews, speak to other people in the industry and have a look on their website and LinkedIn profiles to see that their ethos and values align with yours.

Try to think of a relationship with a recruiter as a long term support throughout your career instead of a one time transaction – that’s certainly how we see it and it’s let us accelerate some amazing careers over the last 12 years.


If you’re looking to step up your career in 2022 the market is ready and waiting! Get in touch with one of our specialist consultants for advice and guidance today.