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Recruiting since January 2010

TwoScots was born out of a need for a highly professional and experienced recruitment firm focusing solely on the recruitment of Accounting Support staff, Office Support staff and all Qualified Accountant positions.

Having led successful teams within large Global recruitment firms, we co-founded TwoScots Recruitment to offer a fresh, professional and committed approach to helping Business Support candidates to qualified Accountants seeking new opportunities and career advice, as well as assisting our Clients in growing and developing their teams.


Our highly motivated, approachable and experienced team has many years experience recruiting and developing relationships within the Accounting and Finance sector, throughout Melbourne, Sydney and the UK.

Whether you are seeking a new Permanent or Contract opportunity, or you require new talent for your team, TwoScots are excited to be your Recruitment Partner.

Did you know?

Thus far, TwoScots employees have consumed 16,135 cups of coffee, that’s over 137Kilos of ground coffee.

It is 16,971 Km’s to travel from Melbourne to Glasgow, Scotland. Should you decided to jog there it’ll take you 2,828 hours. 

Scotland have played Australia 28 times at Rugby, It is currently 19 – 9 to Australia. (In soccer it is currently 3-1 to Scotland)

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