Career Diaries: Starting a recruitment career remotely

Career Diaries: Starting a recruitment career remotely

Starting any new career is daunting, not least during a pandemic where learning and leadership is remote. But when Yasmine joined our team she slotted in like she’d been a part of TwoScots and a seasoned recruiter for years. The absolute definition of hitting the ground running.

But what about the experience from her perspective? The ability to make decisions and trust your instincts is far more necessary than if you were sitting with your team all day every day. Well, we asked for her opinion…

Becoming a recruiter was a gradual decision for me, previously my career was in customer service and I’d advanced to a level where I was recruiting and managing my own teams. I really enjoyed this aspect of the job as an extension of my service career as the careers of entire teams were under my watch. That’s when I started thinking about working in recruitment.

Because I’d already experienced a lot of the practical side of recruitment; conducting interviews, matching candidates with the right opportunities and communication and rapport building, I felt really comfortable going into my official recruitment career at TwoScots and definitely had a head start. Since then, I have learned a hell of a lot more, especially around the advertising and sourcing of roles as well as the ability to work really quickly and be extremely responsive to the market.

But I’m not done learning, in fact a new challenge comes up every day and that has really tested and developed my resilience. It’s also developed my soft skills, such as finding a balance between being personable and being in control of and running a successful process.

The consulting piece has also been a real learning curve that is continuous. I need to be abreast of the market, multiple industries and different personalities at once in order to create a correct match which means that no two days look the same – a big pro for me as my job is never boring!

That’s another real appeal for me, being part of a team who are always on the go and really compete every day to be extraordinary. The really phenomenal thing is that even though we’re a really competitive bunch who strive for excellence the prevailing atmosphere is of collaboration and camaraderie.

There will always be someone to lend an ear, a nugget of advice or on a really bad day a glass of wine. I remember placing my first and second candidates in quick succession and the celebration from my team and the wider TwoScots team was amazing. People are really vying for your success and will give their time and resources to help you get there.

That culture really came across in the interview process for TwoScots and it’s what made me choose this team over a few more offers in a very competitive market. On meeting the leaders and researching the team the rapport felt quick and effortless and my gut just knew this was the right place for me. Not just for the culture though, but for the acceleration it would give my career. I never thought I would be off to such a strong start and even though I still have a lot to learn I know I’m strides ahead already. That element just did not translate the same in other opportunities that were available.

The culture has been even more crucial to my integration into the team too as much of my learning has been remote and from my own home. If there weren’t such strong communication structures set up with my team or the comfort level to call people up and ask questions it would have been so easy to feel completely lost. The plus side of my experience is that I do think it’s accelerated my capabilities more as I’ve had to think on my feet and make decisions more than if I was side by side with my team everyday and so after only six months I feel confident that I can navigate most scenarios.

And what do I see for the next six months? Well, to keep on learning certainly and to become more embedded within my team and with our clients. Also to continue to offer a high standard and quick service. Plus I suppose being able to plan a holiday might be a nice end to the year…

We’re hiring multiple roles across the TwoScots team at the moment. If you’re thinking about taking the next step in your career get in touch with Jeremy Cowan at [email protected]