Moving to Australia? Too easy! Here’s how Giles, Leading Senior Consultant nailed it

Moving to Australia? Too easy! Here’s how Giles, Leading Senior Consultant nailed it

The temptation to move to greener pastures, even if only temporarily, is not a new one. For generations, Melbourne has attracted millions of residents from all over the world after being labelled the World’s Most Liveable City consistently in global rankings.

But, after the sense of adventure has worn off it can feel pretty disorienting to find yourself in a new city with few contacts and little knowledge about how the market works.

Moving to Australia? Too easy! Here’s how Giles, Leading Senior Consultant nailed it

One such person who has traversed these uncertain waters is our Leading Senior Consultant, Giles Ellison. He’s come a long way since stumbling into ‘Straya from sunny Manchester. His success didn’t come overnight though, he’s been with TwoScots for three years and in Melbourne even longer and has grafted throughout.

Here are some of his top tips for getting yourself established in Melbourne.


Never underestimate the value of any connection or piece of advice. Whether you have a friend who has been over here, a friend of a friend or the cousin of a friend’s auntie – take all the help you can get.

Melbourne is a fantastic city to meet people with hundreds of bars, pubs, sports communities or whatever else you fancy. Get yourself out there and network no matter how informally because community really is king. You never know what one conversation can lead to…

Understand the lingo

Aussie’s are known for their love of slang but make sure you understand the basics for being job ready. It’s the last thing you want to do when the sun’s out and the beer garden is calling, but take an hour to learn about everything from your super to your tax return.

While I won’t be giving out financial advice (nor should you ever come to me for it), finding someone you can trust to point you in the right direction should be paramount.

Try everything once

I can’t speak for everyone, but people move to Melbourne for a fresh start, so why not reflect that in how you spend your time. Give everything a try… what have you got to lose?

Melbourne, especially, is littered with weird and wonderful things to get involved in. An employer won’t look at your resume and say, “hey, it says here you spent a month learning how to sculpt wine barrels in Fitzroy, it’s a no from me”. And if they do, well, you probably don’t want to work for them anyway since they clearly aren’t open to new ideas themselves!

For long term opportunities, find the right fit

Far too often when people settle into the Melburnian lifestyle (you know, much like myself, developing a snobby attitude to coffee, ordering healthy breakfasts and gluten free beer), they quickly decide it’s not something they’re ready to give up. Start finding the best way to stay as soon as you can, and if you can’t stay for the long haul, make the most of your time here.

It’s a tough call to make between jumping at the first opportunity that comes along, and holding out just a little while longer for something that really pops. I didn’t start recruitment until I was 27… chance it and wait until you find something that really hits home for you.

However long you’re in a role, take charge

Even if you believe the opportunity you’re in is just a stop gap, step up to the mark and get stuck in. Don’t forget your network – it only takes one person to speak highly of you and you never know what any one conversation could lead to. Besides, is it possible to have too strong a work ethic? Nah, mate.

Moving to Australia? Too easy! Here’s how Giles, Leading Senior Consultant nailed it

Run with it

Ultimately, trust your gut. I cannot stress this enough, especially in your job search. You can do all the research and preparation in the world but if it just doesn’t feel right, then back yourself. It’s your experience so look out for number one.

Unfortunately for my wife she’s stuck with me, so clearly she didn’t listen to hers.