Rediscovering the purpose of passion

Rediscovering the purpose of passion

There’s conversation in the zeitgeist at the moment about passions and how they interact with work. The posing question being; does work need to encapsulate your every passion or can it just be a place you go to earn a salary?

Personally, we think that’s too black and white and infers that people only have one passion. As much as I might love cooking, I’ve never aspired to be a chef. I have colleagues who love playing music, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be passionate about their day to day job which for us means communication, enabling careers and spending time learning about the best businesses in Melbourne.

Nothing encapsulated that more than our third visit to The Summit last week where we spent two days scrambling over walls, solving riddles and crawling through mud together (as well as a touch of luxury in a beautiful villa). But how does that intersect with passion?

We’ve had a lot of new faces in our team recently and we’re big believers in showing, not telling, how our culture exists. It’s important that people can see a physical manifestation of us literally having each other’s backs and feeling passion for our team and achievements. It’s a real example of the multitude of forms that passion exists in – just because I’m not a musician by trade doesn’t mean I don’t feel real joy and accomplishment for my work on a daily basis.

That’s why, although our trip to The Summit might seem like a bit of a mad work trip away, there’s real purpose behind the thinking. On our third visit, we feel as though we’re still learning more and more about ways in which we can challenge ourselves and each other as a collective.

Gines, the fantastic facilitator, spoke a lot about looking forward and letting things go in order to move forward in the most productive and fulfilling way. That too speaks to passion, it’s about focusing on the things you love and are really moving your ambitions and successes forward – whether that’s mastering a new recipe or working on a really big project with a new client.

So, do you need to feel passion for your work? Not necessarily. But do we believe you need to feel passion for your work in order to thrive and aim really high? Absolutely. Don’t forget to find passions in your hobbies too, anything that enriches your life is a plus.

At the end of the day, at TwoScots we passionately believe, if we love what we do, you’ll love working with us too.

We’re still growing in multiple areas of our business. If you want to find an opportunity you can love and learn from, get in touch with Jeremy at [email protected] today.