TwoScots Turns 11: The life changing magic of tidying up

TwoScots Turns 11: The life changing magic of tidying up

Sometimes throwing stuff away can feel difficult as we attach such emotional significance to items than transport you back to a specific moment or time period in your life. So, when we decided to do a complete overhaul of our office it felt even more poignant to do it as we brought in our 11th year. Whilst also really challenging our Director, Jason, who famously does NOT like to throw things away!

When emptying cupboards we found a real mishmash of TwoScots history from vintage tennis rackets used for a dress up day out through to an old Nintendo Wii that used to take pride of place at Friday drinks. As much as those things held real nostalgia, it felt really cleansing to shed the old and move into our second decade in a really positive and forward thinking way. We’re – as we keep mentioning – all about making new memories in 2021.

This 11th birthday feels particularly special as last year our 10th birthday was slightly overshadowed by a global event that we shall not name.

So what else does the office clean mean for us? Well we’ve created a new break out area designed for collaborative working. Our 2021 spells growth, collaboration and togetherness and so having the physical space set out to work in groups is our way of pushing that even further in our teams.

It means welcoming new experiences; our office is now purposely set up for people from different divisions to work side by side and learn from each other. We don’t want to be defined by our teams and the work we do within them but how we can contribute to the business as a whole.

It means welcoming new people. The space is clean, clear and ready for new members to slot seamlessly in. We want to welcome more passionate people into our business across a number of positions in the coming months.

It means welcoming our clients and candidates in person again. We’ve already started to meet people in person again and this year we want to reinvigorate our network with the personal touch we’ve all craved. This also means we’ll be looking at hosting a few (fun) events throughout the year – watch this space!

So whilst we’d usually use an anniversary to think about what was, this year we’re using it to think about what will be and a big clear out is really just a physical manifestation of that.