Moving to Australia? Too easy! Here’s how Giles, Leading Senior Consultant nailed it


Moving to Australia? Too easy! Here’s how Giles, Leading Senior Consultant nailed it

The temptation to move to greener pastures, even if only temporarily, is not a new one. For generations, Melbourne has attracted millions of residents from all over the world after being labelled the World’s Most Liveable City consistently in global rankings. But, after the sense of adventure has worn off it can feel pretty disorienting to find yourself in a new city with few contacts and little knowledge about how

A wee TwoScots charity update

In true TwoScots fashion, we’ve had one hell of a sprint in the last week. We’ve smashed our $20k fundraising target with a knees up trivia night and then, far more seriously, with four of our employees running the Melbourne Marathon.

TwoScots Takes Two with Todd Shand, CFO of Cricket Australia

  #wegiveascot about chatting with people who inspire us. For this edition of TwoScots Takes 2, we spoke with Todd Shand, the CFO of Cricket Australia. Todd is a fellow Glaswegian who moved over here 11 years ago. He joined Cricket Australia 9 years ago and he has progressed through the ranks from Financial Controller to Head of Finance to his current role as CFO. Chatting with Todd was both

TwoScots Takes Two with Julie Raffe, Financial Director of Village Roadshow

  #wegiveascot about chatting with people who inspire us. For this edition of Takes 2, TwoScots spoke with Julie Raffe, the Finance Director of Village Roadshow. As many of you will already know, Village Roadshow is a mass media and entertainment company active in an exciting number of fields such as cinema, theme parks, film production and distribution. We talked with Julie about career longevity and work-life balance.   Success

Changing Trends in Rec Reqs

As a boutique recruitment company that specialises in finding world-class office personnel, we keep a sharp eye out for changing recruitment trends. Knowing how requirements are changing for roles that range from office support to high-tech executive accounting will give you the edge on your competition, whether you’re an employer or a candidate. Here are 3 changing trends in recruitment requirements that look to make an impact on your workplace

TwoScots Takes Two with Ajith Abeynaike, CFO of Hallmark Cards

  #Wegiveascot about learning from the Australian industry leaders challenging the status quo in their fields. For the fourth rendition in our “TwoScots Takes Two” blog series, we’re taking two minutes with the exceedingly intelligent and innovative Ajith Abeynaike, Chief Financial Officer of Hallmark Cards. Employing over 400 employees between Australia and New Zealand, Hallmark prints approximately one billion cards each year and flaunts the largest product range in the

Making an impact in a new role while exercising your own unique strengths, with Kieran Spillane

Our Team Showcase series was born from the desire to highlight what makes each member of our team unique. What are the quirks, passions and hallmarks that distinguish each individual? And when it comes to integrating yourself into that team, how do you ensure your values shine through while seamlessly reflecting that of the company’s? Kieran Spillane has done just that. Joining us at just the beginning of February, we're

Why we #giveascot about breast cancer

TwoScots has always prided itself on being a ‘wee bit different’, both in our approach to business and our overarching goals. We have maintained a constant focus on giving back to the community and keeping sight of issues that are greater than our day-to-day. For 2019, we’re extremely proud to announce the Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) as our official charity partner, with a host of fundraising initiatives and activities