Career Journeys: Rohit Jain, Head of APAC Payroll at CSL


Career Journeys: Rohit Jain, Head of APAC Payroll at CSL

Rohit’s success is far more than professional; he came to Melbourne to complete his Masters of Accounting and was quickly snapped up for a Payroll opportunity at The Alfred Hospital whilst doing some work experience within a small accounting firm. Although he credits much of his success to this unpaid opportunity which opened the first door, we’d say his hard work and willingness to learn are what have really got

A Day In The Life: Avinash Fauzdar, Credit & Accounts Payable Manager of Officeworks

Avinash has impressively climbed the ranks of Officeworks over the last decade to rise from Credit Controller all the way up to Credit & Accounts Payable Manager with a staff of 13, including 7 direct reports. He works closely with the senior leadership and the CFO and whilst he credits much of his success towards them, we would point the finger solidly towards hard work and an inclination to try

Advice on succeeding in recruitment from someone who certainly has

Over the last ten (almost eleven!) years, we’ve become proud of our ability to not only retain staff in an industry often characterised by a revolving door of employees but also to accelerate the careers of junior professionals. Many of our staff come in with limited experience in recruitment and manage to establish themselves as high achievers with a wide breadth of relationships. This is epitomised in Giles Ellison. He

A day in the life: Lyn McKenzie, Finance Operations Manager of David Jones

Working long-term in any one industry affords an expertise as you’ve seen trends come and go as well as long term evolutions and disruptions. Lyn McKenzie, the Finance Operations Manager for David Jones is certainly an expert in the retail industry after working her way up from Part-Time Reconciler to Accounts Payable Manager overseeing 30 staff at The Good Guys before moving to David Jones in April 2019 where she

A day in the life: Carole McTavish, National Credit Manager of Australia Post

One thing that living in isolation this year has impressed upon us is to really appreciate things that we’ve taken for granted for years. Undeniably one of those services is Australia Post who have provided us with a connection to each other as we’ve posted gifts and cards to loved ones that we can’t see physically. They brought us all the desks, equipment and treats we needed quickly earlier in

Who runs the world? GIRLS

The average Australian ASX listed business has a 30% proportion of female directors according to a study completed by The Australian Institute of Company Directors in late 2019. At TwoScots, whilst significantly smaller than the polled businesses, we’re proud of our 50/50 director board comprising two men and two women. And whilst we’re proud of our commitment to bringing diversity into our senior decision making, we can’t take all the

TwoScots Takes Two with Joel Chibert CFO of The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI)

We work with a lot of finance professionals across a broad spectrum of industries; however, it feels extra special to highlight someone from within an organisation who do so much. In this edition of TwoScots Takes Two, we’re chatting with Joel Chibert, CFO of The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI); one of Australia’s leading biomedical research organisations. Joel has been in this role since December 2017

Meet the Expert: Five tips on navigating the current job market

We’re dedicated to the practice of bringing in inexperienced or junior recruiters and nurturing them through their careers in the long term. Nowhere is this more present than in our Team Leader, Leona Kane, who has just hit her five year milestone with TwoScots! With three promotions under her belt and her own team of recruiters to train and manage, Leona has certainly come a long way at TwoScots. She